Silk Rhodes

Text by KralTunes ***Opinions expressed in this article are not endorsed nor representative of Tonight At Dawn*** Baltimore’s Sasha Desree and Michael Collins pay homage to the soulful funk of the late 70’s in their self-titled release, SILK RHODES. The intro (aptly dubbed INTRO) serves up some funky R&B instrumentals that segue into the lead single.Continue reading “Silk Rhodes”

Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)

Written by Joe K. This is a test……this is only a test. Ever since I started writing music reviews, I have stuck to music genres within my realm of interest. So in an attempt to spread my wings, I decided to write about something not in my wheelhouse. (If I am anything, it’s adventurous..just askContinue reading “Ariana Grande- My Everything (My Jumping The Shark Moment)”