Owl Guitarist Jason Mezilis Talks About New Album Thing’s You Can’t See

Written by Joe Kralovich (@KralTunes) “Sometimes, I’m a pretty lucky dude.” Music virtuoso Jason Achilles Mezilis has every right to consider himself lucky, ‘fore over the span of his decade plus career, not only has he played with some of the greatest musicians of the modern era, but he has also run and operated his own boutique analog recordingContinue reading “Owl Guitarist Jason Mezilis Talks About New Album Thing’s You Can’t See”


Text by  @KralTunes Instagram: Kral_Was_Here Huge THANK YOU to the members of HOWLING GIANT for being good sports about my lack of interviewing skills and playing along anyway. “Recorded live in Tom’s bedroom, Howling Giant’s first EP comes crashing into reality!” With this singular statement on BANDCAMP, HOWLING GIANT exemplifies perfect do-it-yourself music making.  From the old schoolContinue reading “ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Howling Giant”

The TORCHE Awakens

@kraltunes ‘FEEL GOOD METAL’, much like ‘DOOM SOUL‘. is a phrase I never expected to use in a positive context.  If Doom Soul is the type of music that Darth Vader unwinds to after torturing a rebel alliance, then Feel Good Metal must be what Ewoks dance and sing to after helping Cindel defeat Terak (HUUUGE brownie points forContinue reading “The TORCHE Awakens”

Best of 2014, Part DEUX

Here’s the first part of the list I’m sure you have all been driven crazy in anticipation for the second part?! Without further ado, let us continue with the most important list you’ll see during this ten minute span: 5.  GAZELLE TWIN–UNFLESH UNFLESH is the sonic equivalent of a violent assault; a soundscape dominated by electronic buzzingContinue reading “Best of 2014, Part DEUX”

Foo Fighters-Sonically ‘Safe’ Highways

Written by @KralTunes Someone needs to explain to me how THE FOO FIGHTERS became hailed as one of the most important rock bands in recent memory. Even with all of their success, they are the epitome of ‘safe’ rock music – they take no real chances in their sound. (Not for nothing, my boss @ tonight atContinue reading “Foo Fighters-Sonically ‘Safe’ Highways”

Mark Lanegan: God Is In The (Phantom) Radio

Text by KralTunes @tonightatdawn Sadly, two words come to mind when thinking about Mark Lanegan’s latest offering: deflated, as in the overall delivery of the vocals and lack of any real dynamics here, and present, simply because there is nothing outright bad to be found here in these 10 tracks, but nothing to text homeContinue reading “Mark Lanegan: God Is In The (Phantom) Radio”

Pearl Jam…What Could Have Been

Written by @KralTunes What the hell is this band doing to me?! For years (decades, at this point) Pearl Jam has left the best tracks from their recording sessions on the cutting floor, and while the released products are usually good to great, they make me lament the possibilities (ahem…Binaural). Therefore, I certainly wasn’t surprisedContinue reading “Pearl Jam…What Could Have Been”

Weezer Comes Alive

Text by @KralTunes Picture it: Small town, U.S.A., 2014 – a young aspiring music journalist is rocking back and forth on the porch, musing about what he should critique next.  As he sips form his frosty glass on this early fall evening,  he thinks to himself, “Been quiet around these parts…almost…too quiet.  Feels like we areContinue reading “Weezer Comes Alive”

Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide

Text by Joe K. This is gonna be short and sweet — mainly ’cause my frustration is such that I don’t know if I could maintain my composure throughout the entire review. Ahem, here we go… DELTA SPIRIT is a band, a pretty good band in fact.  So it would make sense that their newContinue reading “Big Bowl of Blah-Delta Spirit: Into The Wide”

Seaport Music Festival- Joanna Gruesome & Big Ups

With the end of summer came the last show of this year’s Southstreet Seaport Music Festival on Friday, August 29th. The headliner band, Joanna Gruesome, lived up to their reputation with an energized performance. The interesting tidbit about them, that they met in an anger management group, is more than just a tidbit as theyContinue reading “Seaport Music Festival- Joanna Gruesome & Big Ups”