Peeing in the Shower

Text by K. Cecchini/Images by Do the Green ThingĀ (Feature photo: Cut Your Shower by Michael Bierut Peeing in the Shower & Other Eco-Friendly Moves I’m NOT Ready For… While governments stall on true environmental reforms, there are a number of revisions we can make to our own lifestyles to reduce our “Eco-footprint”. But there areContinue reading “Peeing in the Shower”

Create A Green Christmas or a Festivus Miracle?

Unless you’re just looking for a Festivus miracle, we have some ideas that will bring good tidings to the Earth (and some for your wallet) this holiday season. Gift Alternatives. Gift giving is ingrained into many of our holiday traditions, but much of what is given is often a token of good intentions and theContinue reading “Create A Green Christmas or a Festivus Miracle?”