The Terrorist’s Son

Text by K. Cecchini Eight years before 9/11, a 1,200 pound bomb exploded in the World Trade Center’s parking garage; it killed 6 people and injured over a thousand people. El-Sayyid Nosair was one of the attack’s architects. But this article is not about the terrorist. It is about a very different man – his son. WorldsContinue reading “The Terrorist’s Son”

Is my black preschooler just another statistic?

Article reposted from with permission from mother and author, Tunette Powell.  Introduction by K. Cecchini. I heard Tunette Powells’ story in This American Life a couple of weeks ago in an episode on school discipline entitled, “Is This Working?” and I was disturbed – but not shocked. I knew that her story of herContinue reading “Is my black preschooler just another statistic?”

Sex & Traffic

Text by K. Cecchini @tonightatdawn Tricked. The sex industry is complicated but it can often be looked at through this one word. It’s also an apropos title for the 3generations documentary on sex trafficking. I was fortunate to meet Jane Wells, producer and co-director of Tricked, at the Montclair Film Festival screening this past April andContinue reading “Sex & Traffic”