365 Dawns

Tonight at Dawn just reached its 1st year anniversary and 200th article on Sunday (2.22: “Tonight at Noon“). To celebrate, we are presenting our largest (& favorite) milestones from the last 365 days. Thanks for taking the ride and stay with us as we evolve! Tonight at Dawn: Favorite Posts by the Month 2014 February: TaD’sContinue reading “365 Dawns”


John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is more than a parody news show, it’s an arm-chair action center. Through news segments that are not only humorous, but that also offer more in-depth reporting on subjects that are often glossed over or ignored on standard television news programs, John Oliver educates folks. (Yes, I said “reporting). In addition,Continue reading “#Jeffwecan”

Black Mirror: Sex, Lies and Memory Chips

“The Entire History of You” At the dawn of a new year, it is a natural time to reflect on the past. In light of new technologies, the depth and manner in which we record and evoke our memories are evolving.  Black Mirror’s 3rd episode explores how a complete record of our lives could impact our futures. InContinue reading “Black Mirror: Sex, Lies and Memory Chips”