A Nigerian Documentary Film Short: Tomaro


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2022, November 20 Teaneck International Film Festival

2022, October 29 Montclair Film Festival #MFF2022 (Tickets On Sale October 7th)

2022, September 28 Tomaro Secondary Schools

2022, December Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival


Lagos State Official Site

Parts Unknown: Lagos

Art X Lagos

The Dream School Foundation

A community builds a school and puts itself on the map.

The world and their own government don’t recognize the talent and the power of Nigerian youth, but an educated class of young Nigerians are seeking change and their rightful place in the global society.

“Tomaro” tells the story of a community seeking to educate its youth as its future leaders and advocates.

Featuring: Israel & Beauty

Director/Producer: Kimberly Cecchini

Executive Producer: Dena Grushkin

Consulting Producer: Adetoro Makinde

Directors of Photography: John Chibuzor Rich & Neil Grabowsky

Editor: Tristen Stafford

Music: Akinno To D-World, Jonas Grushkin, & Tomaro School Students

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