Almost Ready to Lock Picture

We are excited to announce that we are almost ready to lock picture on our short doc, Tomaro! We are also pleased to say the film has evolved significantly from what we last shared and it focuses more on the community’s perspective with Israel (below – who has also been a valuable resource in completing the film) and his peer Beauty at the heart of it. We are also thrilled to feature music from a former Tomaro student.

Thank you to our supporters!

Okon Israel

The Post-Assessment is LIVE!

Please check out the OFFICIAL site here.

Teaching was always a challenge. Then came 2020: a pandemic, political implosions, and a reckoning with systematic racism.

Here, two seasoned teachers invite colleagues to tell us like it is – and what they envision it could be.

Educators – Email us at to share your story and visions for post-pandemic schools.

“I’m a regular guy, from a regular home…”

Tomaro Secondary School alum, Israel Okon, was its first valedictorian and is attending the University of Lagos through The Dream School Foundation’s scholarship program. As we work through post-production, his visionary voice has naturally emerged at the heart of our edits and generated more excitement in the process. And, Israel has also emerged as integral part of the production team.

A ‘regular guy’ with an extraordinary vision.

Israel with his peers, Beauty, Mercy, & Omolara, at Tomaro Secondary School in 2017.

Akinno’s New EP: “Different Sounds That Valid (D.S.T.V)”

Akinno, a Nigerian musician & former student of the Tomaro Secondary Schools, dropped his new EP here. Check it out; we are hoping to collaborate with him on a song for our doc.


Akinno has come back again with a 5 track EP

The EP is titled “Different Sounds That Valid (D.S.T.V)” and features collaborations with 3 different artists who all bring different flows, concepts and styles to it.

It’s a mixture of Afro-pop, Afro-soul, and afro hip hop so there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Connect with Akinno on all social media platforms @Akinno.

Hey, Jeff

Opinion writer, Manjoo, suggests Amazon customers should email Bezos. Here’s mine; feel free to copy or change it in your own email. It’s a small thing, but maybe we can flood his email with requests.

Hi, Jeff,

My partner has had an Amazon membership for years & I’ve considered convincing them to cancel it.

Admittedly, your services are convenient, and I use the membership. But would like to do that with less guilt.

Clearly, you are an innovative thinker with a lot of resources at your fingertips. I call on you to lead in more than just sales, but also in worker’s rights & compensation, support of unionization, and a reduction in our shared carbon footprint. Based on reports in the news like the NY Times (you may have seen the OpEd from this week), Amazon’s warehouses are often described in dehumanizing terms; human bodies are treated like robots and the work wears on people’s minds and bodies – from tracking every second of a worker’s day to literally and figuratively numbing repetition.

I also hate envisioning the ecofootprint I contribute with the whole cycle of purchasing – including the waste created by the packaging (I do appreciate a bit that our last package sleeve could be recycled like cardboard).

I would trade convenience & savings for the dignity of our fellow humans & our Earth.

Thank you,


Education Reform Vlog: LAUNCHED!

Rashon & I just launched our teacher vlog project: The Post-Assessment.

What: The education before the pandemic did not serve many students well. Let’s start a conversation on what works and what doesn’t.

Send us video (or audio) of you sharing your experiences and ideas.

Our first prompt asks for teachers to tell how and when their school was shut down in March, but we welcome you to voice any ideas around education.

About: Teaching was always a challenge. Then came 2020: a pandemic, political implosions, and a reckoning with systematic racism.

Here, two seasoned teachers invite colleagues to tell us like it is – and what they envision it could be.

Our Nigerian Doc: Officially in Post-Production

We are finally, officially in post-production for a short film on Tomaro. Our editor is delivering the 2nd cut this week and am really excited to continue the process.

And, we will be really excited for our premiere (TBD).

In the meantime, here is a screenshot from the first cut.

Interview with Nigerian Historian, Dr. Korieh

Dr. Chima Korieh speaking with Dena Grushkin

We are grateful that Dr. Chima Korieh of Marquette University shared the last day of his Thanksgiving holiday to interview with us for the film. As a professor and author of West African studies, he provided us with a strong historical context on education in Nigeria and a vision for greater success.

Dr. Korieh and Dena had a particularly engaging on-camera conversation as they are both school founders; Dr. Korieh founded and leads a private school in Imo, Nigeria, his home state.

Director of Photography Neil Grabowsky at work filming the conversation.