Margeaux Walter Has Got Heart (or a FAMNIG HJÄRTA)

Text and Photos by K. Cecchini

Life-sized FAMNIG HJÄRTA in “Where the Everyday Begins” Installation

Push aside a small curtain to enter a tiny room; the TV’s glow reveals a life-sized heart pillow with a remote control in one fuzzy red hand while she beckons folks to share the matching love seat with the other. Intrigued visitors laugh as they sit down and the heart pillow, fashioned after IKEA’s FAMNIG HJÄRTA, Cushion, red for $4.99, puts her free arm around their shoulders and presses play on the control.

Where the Everyday Begins

“Where the Everyday Begins” opening scene


This video and the other works in Margeaux Walter’s installation for the Hunter College MFA thesis show that opened on Thursday are composed of items from the IKEA catalogue and appear to be a deconstruction of our everyday lives as commercialized beings. The photos and videos range from the abstract to the literal to the humorous (e.g. FAMNIG HJÄRTA).

Like many of her other images, Margeaux inserts herself as the human subjects in the compositions with a breadth of wigs, wardrobe changes and subtle role play, but only shows her face in this exhibition when the IKEA world turns on her. (Although present in the heart pillow video, she was not the costumed woman, so props to the actress for her effective, wordless play).

As always, Margeaux’s compositions are visually intriguing and fodder for conversations – that are way more substantial than IKEA furniture – so I look forward to having one with her for a more extensive article (and a peek into her upcoming exhibitions (January). In the meantime, see our previous interviews with her ( Part 1 and Part 2) and visit the current show in TriBeCa:

Hunter MFA Thesis show is open until Dec. 27th (and then by appointment through Jan 4th)
Hunter College MFA Campus, New York, NY 10013
(Entrance on Canal, between Hudson and Greenwich)
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 6pm








Gallery visitors watching “Where the Everyday Begins” with the life-sized FAMNIG HJÄRTA.
Gallery visitors viewing Margeaux Walter's works.
Gallery visitors viewing Margeaux Walter’s works.


Gallery visitor putting on headphones to view one of Margeaux Walter’s video installations.


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